Julian Kelly
Hardware Lead: System Control, Google Quantum AI

Julian Kelly is a Research Scientist at Google AI Quantum. He is the lead for the System Control Team which is responsible for building the hardware and software to operate and manipulate Quantum Computers. He began his career in Quantum Computing in 2008 where he joined John Martinis' physics research group at UCSB as an undergraduate and researched qubit control and benchmarking techniques. Julian stayed at UCSB and completed his PhD in 2015 in experimental quantum computing. His thesis focused on the development of highly controllable, coherent, and scalable "Xmon" transmon systems that demonstrated record fidelity entangling gate and measurement operations, culminating in a demonstration of experimental quantum error correction. Since joining Google, Julian worked to improve, scale, and integrate quantum processors and was the lead designer for the 72 qubit Bristlecone processor. Julian also developed the automated calibration framework "optimus" which is a software backbone of operating quantum processors at Google. The above technologies were critical in the team's "Quantum Supremacy" demonstration in 2019.

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