Paolo Bianco
Global R&T Cooperation Manager, Airbus Defence and Space Ltd

Paolo Bianco graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Cranfield University (UK) and in Aeronautical Engineering in Turin (Italy). Paolo started his career in space at CGS (OHB), Milan, then he joined Astrium, now Airbus, in Portsmouth. He has designed systems for Earth orbit and for interplanetary missions. In parallel, Paolo has developed a wide range of technologies. This became his current job as Global R&T Cooperation Manager, for UK and APAC. In 2015 he got involved in Quantum Technologies (QTs) for Airbus Defence and Space, co-ordinating QTs adoption. He provided his views on QTs application to the European Parliament and the Commission, for the QT Flagship. Currently he is leading the Quantum Computing strategy subgroup of the European Quantum Industry Consortium.

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